125 Reasons We Love FBDH!




Our 125th Anniversary year-long celebration is coming to an end and we asked our children, caregivers, teachers, board members, staff, volunteers, and the East Nashville community what they LOVED about Fannie Battle. We gathered 125 reasons and want to share them with you.

I love Fannie Battle because…


I like working with the staff and interacting with the children at Fannie Battle.
The reason I love FBDH is because they go above and beyond for their kids. They give back, have fund-raisers, and a daily fun month for the whole school year.
I love FB because they care about it. Education of my daughter, they always have fun learning, have many trips, know precious places, and help families with donations. Thanks for everything, EXCELLENT TEACHERS. God Bless You!
Our sweet children and families and the way they participate in our family events.
We love the teachers!
I love FBDH because of the incredible children and families I get to learn from every day. Not to mention working with a dedicated staff who teaches me something new every day!
I love FB because they are very compassionate about the children. They show a lot of grace and companionship. I love them!
Everyone always smiles when we walk through the door and all teachers and staff know my daughter’s name. We always feel happy and welcome.
FBDH is very welcoming, I love how everyone is sure to say Good Morning and Have a Nice Day every day. And of course, how well they take care of all 3 of my babies.
I love working at FBDH by helping to provide a loving and nurturing environment. They need to know that FB is a safe place and can be a home away from home for the children.
Always a joy to enjoy the company of the staff. They are friendly and accepting.
I love the hands on teacher approach that Fannie Battle gives.
The staff is amazing and my kids love it here.
We love FB because they support my kids growth beyond the classroom. FB is the place to be!
I love Fannie Battle for the love and care that my son receives when he is here. Everyone is always encouraging him to do and be better everyday.
I love the dedication in the staff!
I love the caring staff. Also the teaching skills of my child’s teachers.
I love hanging out with my friends.
It is very family oriented.
They support the kids with homework and help improve their reading by providing reading programs and accessible books for the kids to check out.
I love FBDH’s mission to serve working families, empowering them to make a better way for their children, while giving them the peace of mind that their child(ren) are receiving quality nurturing, education and care.
I love the joy that radiates from our children when they are able to experience something new and exciting at FBDH, such as a visit from the library’s puppet truck, the chance to tell Santa their Christmas wishes or being read to by a caring community volunteer.
I love the community’s support of our organization’s mission, through contributions of time, in-kind donations as well as revenues.
I love our amazingly caring staff, who work so hard to nurture and teach the children of FBDH.
I love the community’s involvement in FBDH through our 100 years of Caroling for Kids, as well as the five years of amazing food and fun at Yum!East.
I love the investment our community has made in FBDH’s mission for the past 125 years!
My toddler has learned to love wearing shoes with Ms. Michelle.
It’s a neighborhood legacy we can all be proud of.
The auditorium has a magical stage and so much space for play.
There’s always something exciting going on for the kids.
We can look forward to smiling faces every morning at the front desk.
My baby is happy to be dropped off every day with her friends and teachers.
The teachers are amazing!
Santa came to every classroom.
There are so many exciting books to check out and read.
Fannie Battle herself was a model for entrepreneurship and innovation. She saw the need for quality childcare, creating a nurturing, educational environment for Nashville’s working families.
Miss Jeanne and the wonderful library of 7,000+ books!
Fannie Battle Day Home is a model for non-profit childcare agencies, both as a long-time home for so many children in Nashville and as an innovative center for early childhood education.
Fannie Battle Day Home is beloved by multiple generations—each year we see the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of volunteers participate in the caroling fundraiser as their ancestors did.
The reasons I like Fannie Battle is because I have people who love me and because they let us do fun the like crafts and field trips
The teachers are nice, I have my friends, and we have lots of fun.
Being with my friends and teachers.
I like being with friends that play with me.
I love my best teachers!
Something I like is that the teachers are always happy to help!



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